Mesoskiline Treatments

Skin Perfector (BB GLOW)

It is a revolutionary super hydration skin treatment giving the immediate visible effect of skin illumination and glow. It is safe and non-invasive intensive skin treatment that improves facial tone, smooths our skin imperfections, freckles, small wrinkles and in some cases even melisma. A concealer treatment, perfect for reducing skin discolaration on the face and for a homogenous complexion. Skin perfector treats facial blemishes, skin ageing, wrinkles, dull complexion, pores, bags and dark circles, scars, freckles and spots. Providing lasting results for up to 4 months, after continued treatment 4-5 times. Suitable for all skin types.

Package Offer Buy 3 Get 1 FREE
Single Treatment: €180

Expression lines and deep wrinkles

Line caused by facial expression are always visible. This treatment is a non-invasive from of mesotherapy based on the regenerative and stimulating properties. Visible deep wrinkles are smoothed after only just 1 month.

Package Offer Buy 5 Get 1 FREE
Single Treatment: €190

Extreme lifting and firming

It is an effective, alternative to Botox, to achieve form, healthy skin. It’s formula effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on all skin areas, both face and body(recommended also for firming the skin on neck area).

Package Offer Buy 6 Get 2 FREE
Single Treatment: €200

Fresh Vitamin

It is an important treatment with in mesotherapy that stimulates and review tried skin. The treatment is a good choice for treating dehydration, wrinkles and sun damage. It is good choice for people who are smoking or who have not cared for their skin. Not Recommended for pregnant women, patients with ance or severe skin problems.

Package Offer Buy 5 Get 1 FREE
Single Treatment: €130

Firming and lifting

This treatment contains dmae which is known to increase the skin’s firmness. Another important ingredient is dipeptide carnosine, a derivative of histidine, equality known for its firming properties. This treatment is compatible with other meso-cocktails and botulinum toxins. It is therefore both a gentle and effective agent for firmer and stronger skin.

Package Offer Buy 5 Get 1 FREE
Single Treatment: €180


Rejuvenate your face and body!